Learn how to pave your way to time and location freedom through trading.


Does this sound like you?...

  • You want to start investing in the stock market but you don't know where to began.
  • You have a IRA, 401k or brokerage account, but you have no idea how to select the best investments.
  • You're struggling to understand how to actually research a stock.
  • The stock charts and terminology just further confuse and frustrate you.
  • You want to learn how to maximize your returns with an actual strategy

You're in luck! This program is perfect for you if...

  • You want to learn how to create an income generating portfolio.
  • You want to learn how to make money when the stock market is going up or down.
  • You want to learn how to maximize your return and minimize your risk.
  • You want to learn how to create financial independence and generational wealth before you're 65. 
  • You want to learn how to build a portfolio that give you complete time and location freedom.

What's included?

6 Modules of Investment Training

Get instant access to over 8 hours of step by step on demand investment training. Each module breakdowns a new investing topic.  In these trainings we will start with the basics of investing, from researching companies, finding stocks to invest in, reading stock charts all the way to advance strategies of option trading. Each module has real examples and illustrations, that will educate you how to be a knowledgeable investor. You will gain the confidence and capability to be a successful investor and trader in any market condition.

Value $1997

Live Monthly Office Hours and Q&A

Live monthly office hours and Q&A are held via Zoom the first Wednesday of the month, to offer additional accountability and support. Calls are designed help students learn new skills, get questions answered and check in on your progress. It's also an opportunity to get live support in a high touch group setting. This is an interactive session designed to help you sharpen your skills and dive deeper into strategies.

Value $9997

Private Online Student Community

Value $297

The virtual student community is a space for students to share wins, tips and strategies among fellow wealth builder students. This is a great opportunity to engage with other students and like minded individuals navigating the stock market. This is a great space to share daily wins, tips and inspiration with your fellow wealth builders.

Bonus Resources

  • Worksheets & Templates
  • Trading Journal
  • Trading Checklist
  • Option Trading Cheat Sheet
  • My Personal Watch List

Value $497

LIFETIME Access modules. ($PRICELESS)


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You'll learn how to...

  • Build an income and wealth producing portfolio.
  • Learn the fundamental and technical anlaysis to research companies.
  • Learn how to run scanners to find companies to invest in.
  • Create an investment strategy to find the best price to enter and exit a trade profitable.
  • Learn how to manage risk and protect portfolio from loss.

Course Outline



In this module we will review Fundamental Analysis which will determine what companies to buy. You'll learn what drives price movement in the stock market in addition to learning strategies of how to research and analyze a company. You''ll discover how to review a company's financials, analyst ratings, review historic price action and much more.



It all starts with having a great watchlist. Learn how to find companies and create your own watch list of profitable companies. Learn the criterias for selecting a good investment. Develop an investment strategy and trade plan designed to help your select better trades by managing your risk and emotions.



Once you learn what to buy, then you'll use Technical Analysis to determine when to buy. In Technical Analysis you'll learn how to read a stock chart, determine price trends and learn the top trade indicators for identifying entry and exit points for entering and exiting a trade profitably.



This module will expand furthur on the skills from Technicial Analysis. You'll learn how to identify price patterns and trends on a stock chart to predict the direction the stock price is going to go. You'll learn the common used indicators to support your entering and exiting a trade at the best time.



Learn the basics of one of the most powerful trading strategies, Option trading. Discover how to use options to escalate portfolio growth and profit when the stock goes up , down or sideways.



Learn how to manage your portfolio and mitigate. Not only will you learn how to make money you will learn how to protect your profits and manage your risk with risk management strategies. You'll be able to create a set of trade rules for managing profit and loss when entering and exiting a trade.

Here's what students are saying...

"The class reduced fears associated with risk. As I embark on long term and short-term positions, I have confidence in my ability to research, execute and apply the tools learned from the masterclass. The charts are no longer scary, but are tools to further my goals."
Malorie M.

“I opened a Robinhood account with $1000 on the first day of the program over doubled my profit within less than a month. I began investing while afraid with no experience, but my confidence level soared weekly due to the skills learned during the coaching sessions”.
~ Madelaine N.

“Ta’Donna was a great instructor. Her material was well crafted and she was extremely knowledgeable. Ta’Donna developed a community of learners who were able to confidently enter the market. I would highly recommend this class for both beginner and proficient traders.”
Tierra D.

“Thanks to TaDonna’s class I have been able to invest in the market, learn the fundamentals about investing and purchase options. Prior to attending TaDonna’s class I was intimidated by the stock market and always thought I needed a large sum of money to start investing. I learned that I only needed as little as $5 to start my investing journey. So far I have made just under $10K and I plan to make a $100K by the end of 2021. I recommend Ta'Donna’s class to anyone that wants to learn how to make money with their own resources.”
~Chris G.

"The course was easy to understand. The instructor, Ta’Donna, makes the courses fun & extends her time to you if you need additional help in many different ways such as email, chat, & office hours. I enjoyed learning new investing strategies & I feel more confident to take my investing goals to the next level."~Rashida K.

Meet your instructor

Hey there! I’m Ta’Donna Nagle-Luc.  I’ve worked over 15 years in the financial industry before I decided to “fire my boss” and quit the corporate life.  When you’re a mom of two there’s never a good time to quit your job.  But I had the financially savviness to support my household and leave the corporate rat race.  Through my money management skills and trading in the stock market, I never looked back.  I am currently a full time business owner and trader with the ability to work from anywhere. I want to educate and empower other high achievers to grow income producing portfolios and become competely financially independent through investing. 

Ta'Donna Nagle

Are you ready to invest your way to financial independence?

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Monthly Investment Plan

3 installments of $265


Can I take this class if I am brand new to investing?

Absolutely!  This class is beginner friendly and start off with the basics of investing in the stock market.  However, the class will transition to more advanced concepts and strategies, such as trading options in later modules. 

How long will it take me to make a profit?

Results will depend on the amount of work you put into your education.  There is no guarantee of desired profit within a certain time frame as market conditions will fluctuate.  However, many students have made their entire investment back within weeks. 

How long does the course take to complete?

The course is self-paced, but I recommend watching a module per week for 6 weeks. This allows ample time to watch the trainings and complete the exercises.

How long do I have access to the course?

Lifetime access to course modules and future updates.

What if I have questions?

Office Hours and Live Q&A are held weekly via Zoom. This time is dedicated for students to get additional support and ask questions live. Students can also submit questions in advanced or post any in the private online group.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase contact us within 7 days of purchasing the course to request a full refund, by emailing 

The materials and information provided is for educational purposes only, not to be construed as a recommendation or investment advice. All investment involves risk including loss of principal. The purpose of this course is to teach you how to get started with investing and use the better understand how to analyze a stock and use the technical tools to make more informed investment decisions.